Our Technology

We don't keep up with the technology curve. We help create it.

API & Integration Documents

Connecting and communicating with our system is simple. We provide services for both submitting screening requests and retrieving results through XML. Results may be easily parsed and formatted to suit your needs. Request our full API documentation to get started and see just how easy it is to implement our services directly into your system.

Secure, In-House Data Management

We develop cutting-edge technology that reduces your hiring cycle time, risk, expenses and workload. Our hardware management and software design is done exclusively in-house. Our web services are behind a secure firewall and they utilize a 128 bit encryption over SSL. All of our web methods are wrapped in a secure authentication layer, and our client’s IP addresses must be white-listed to gain access to our services.

Custom Engineered Hardware & Software

We've engineered our web application from the ground up based on customer feedback, user behavior and modern technology. And we are constantly improving our systems. We offer a powerhouse of benefits, including customizable packages, applicant self-submittal, a digital report filing system and a host of other benefits.

From Your System To Ours

The fastest, easiest way to run pre-employment background checks.

Seamless Integration

Backgrounds Online utilizes an XML formatted web service description language. XML is widely compatible and one of the most common tools for data transmission between web applications, allowing your company to easily integrate our products into your business applications.

Secure Connection

Security is always our number one priority. Backgrounds Online uses the latest encryption technology during the transfer of all consumer data to assure the safety and protection of sensitive information passed between your system and ours.

Getting Started

Web service integration is ideal for businesses in need of high volume background screening. Our expert IT staff will work closely with your team to setup the service quickly so you can start screening right away.

Absolute Integration, Unbeatable Security

Backgrounds Online provides an unsurpassable integration solution that syncs Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with our internal web application. This allows our clients to request background checks while simultaneously providing the necessary applicant information that is available in their database. ATS integration technology creates a seamless channel of communication between your system and ours.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data we deal with, security is of the utmost importance. We use an encrypted SSL channel to ensure that the integration process results in a completely secure connection.

Eliminate Data Entry, Prevent Errors

ATS integration service enables our computer system to instantly obtain the critical data we need to run background checks on your applicants. Eliminating manual data entry greatly reduces the possibility of common errors such as typos and transposed numbers. Our system saves your company time and resources.

How ATS Integration Strengthens Your Hiring Process

  • Immediate data transmission between your ATS and our web application.
  • Eliminates manual data entry.
  • Prevents typos and similar errors.
  • Provides a paperless background check solution.
  • Adds control and consistency to your hiring process.

Backgrounds Online provides compliant background checks that help you make informed decisions, create a safe workplace and protect your brand.