Ongoing Criminal Monitoring

We alert you if a previously-screened employee gets a new criminal record.

Use Criminal Monitoring to find out if one of your team members incurs a new record of which you should be aware. This provides peace of mind and:


Ongoing screening helps you make informed decisions and maintain a safe workplace.


Let your team know that you’ll be alerted if anyone incurs a new, reportable criminal record.


Consistent monitoring of all employees creates fair and compliant screening practices.


Criminal monitoring helps you determine whether or not your staff remains eligible for employment.

Criminal Monitoring


National Criminal Database Search

We monitor criminal databases throughout the United States. If we find a record, we follow up with a County Criminal Court Search to get the most accurate and current data.

Sex Offender Registry Search

We monitor state and national registries. National searches allow us to find records if the offender did not complete the local registration process.

Terrorist Watch List Search

We monitor national and international databases to see if someone was added to a Watch List or if they are wanted for/convicted of terrorist activities.
We provide sample consent forms to authorize Criminal Monitoring. California and Vermont laws require monthly consent from all employees. We facilitate this process
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Contact Us To Start Criminal Monitoring

We'll manage the consent forms to help keep your business compliant at all times.
Monitoring lasts for one full year and then can be started again to maintain ongoing safety measures that protect your business, employees and brand.

Add Criminal Monitoring to a recently ordered background check or request it when you run a new report.