Branded Applicant Experience

We can customize a co-branded flow for the people you screen.

Establish Trust With A Co-Branded Screening Flow

Your Brand

When hiring, you want to promote your brand from start to finish. A co-branded flow builds trust and represents your business throughout the process.

Simple Screening Experience

Our proprietary screening flow is simple, smooth and optimized for any device your candidate prefers. It encourages applicants to work with you instead of competitors.

Unwavering Security

We are committed to protecting the data we use during the screening process. Our SOC 2 report confirms that we adhere to a high standard of security and confidentiality controls.

The People You Screen

Invite applicants, employees, contractors, volunteers or anyone else to approve a background check. They’ll receive a co-branded email that contains a secure, exclusive link.

That link delivers them to a simple flow where they can authorize the screening, learn about compliance-related laws and submit their information to our secure system. Each step in the flow will be co-branded to maintain a trusted, cohesive experience.

Once a person completes the flow, your team will be notified so they know we are starting the screening process and can plan ahead for onboarding and other business needs.

Your Team

Your team will have a co-branded administrative site that empowers them to request, monitor and review background check orders. This can be incorporated into your internal system so they can manage the screening process from one convenient location.

Use your personalized admin site to submit a single background check request or take advantage of our Bulk Invite option to send multiple requests at once. Your team can cancel or re-send existing Invites and export all current Invites into an Excel document.

Request A Co-Branded Site

Our turnaround time is typically two business days so we can get you setup quickly.

Backgrounds Online is a service-first company. Our team is available to walk you through the process, answer questions and provide everything you need to start screening.

Use this form to contact us about building a co-branded site for your team and applicants.