Background Checks for the Education Industry

Employment And Credential Verifications For Educators

You're likely to receive numerous resumes for every faculty position. You cannot assume each person has the required education and credentials. When you find people who appear to be qualified, it is crucial to perform due diligence and run background checks. Our specialists confirm whether or not a candidate is appropriately licensed for the position to which they are applying. Hiring someone who is not qualified could be a costly mistake for your facility.

Safe, Cautionary Hiring In The Education Industry

We've all seen stories about educators who had serious criminal records, including sexual offenses. And we ask ourselves – how could this happen? The sad answer is that they were not properly screened. It is essential to thoroughly check everyone who will work at any educational facility. Run a comprehensive criminal background check on potential teachers, coaches, cafeteria staff and anyone else who applies for a position in the education industry.

Annual Screenings

Backgrounds Online recommends annual screenings for people in the education industry. They show you if a current teacher or faculty member incurred a new criminal record during the previous year. Annual reports also inform you of any new traffic violations on a person’s record, which is essential for anyone who transports students. Rely on annual screenings to help you determine whether or not your staff remains eligible for employment.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are Credential Verifications important?

A: People often exaggerate their skill levels and accomplishments on resumes. Someone might claim to have a credential that is required for a certain position, even though they do not.

The only way to know for sure is to run a Credential Verification. Rely on this service to provide the facts you need to make crucial hiring decisions.

Can background checks help me make safer hiring decisions?

A: Yes. While no background check can predict a person's future behavior, they do show you if someone has a serious criminal record such as a violent felony or sexual assault.

Do I need backgrounds checks for employees who are not educators?

A: It is important to run background checks for every position you are filling. A background report is a wise investment for every potential employee. They start by confirming the person’s identity, and checking for relevant criminal records. This is especially important for individuals who will be working with and around young people.

A background check can also verify a person’s employment and education history. This information helps you select candidates who are properly qualified and likely to remain in a position long-term if they are offered a job.

Running FCRA compliant background checks helps protect your school. There are numerous federal and state regulations that dictate how an applicant’s history can and cannot be checked, and what information may or may not be used to make hiring decisions.

Partnering with an FCRA credentialed screening company like Backgrounds Online empowers you to find and hire the best candidates, while remaining compliant with relevant laws.

Do you provide ongoing drug screening services?

A: Yes. Backgrounds Online offers 5, 10 and 14 panel drug screening services. It is beneficial to run annual drug screens on employees, especially if they will be working with or around young people.

Should I include a Motor Vehicle Record Search?

A: Some employees may be required to drive on the job. We recommend a Motor Vehicle Record search for bus drivers, faculty members who may transport others, and anyone else who drives for school-related purposes.

Annual reports are also available. Use them to see if someone incurs a new traffic violation or related infraction each year.

Backgrounds Online provides customized screening solutions for your specific needs. Get expert assistance today.