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Background Checks for the Transportation Industry

Protect Your Investment

You make an investment in every person you hire. People who drive your vehicles are more than just employees – they are public representatives of your brand. It is essential to employ safe and courteous drivers you can trust. We recommend a background screening package that includes a comprehensive criminal records check and 5 panel drug test. We also suggest annual screenings for all active drivers. They show if someone incurs a new traffic violation, criminal record or anything else that might make them ineligible for ongoing employment.

Hire Safe, Reliable Drivers

Every driver presents a risk to other motorists. The way they handle themselves on the job directly impacts the safety of others. That's why the transportation industry faces a strict set of regulations. It is imperative for your business to remain compliant with these laws, and to hire reliable people with solid driving records. We offer Custom Background Checks that can be tailored to your specifications and we make it easy to save custom packages so you can use them again for future candidates.

Reduce Your Turnover Rate With Background Checks

The Transportation Industry has an ongoing need for drivers that can increase dramatically on a seasonal basis. That’s why it is crucial to make the best possible hiring choices every time. There are expenses for interviewing, training and simply getting your employees on the road. A background check helps you find reliable people with clean records. Use them when you're looking for long-term drivers who will save you money by reducing turnover rates.

Transportation Industry

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I learn with a Motor Vehicle Record Search?

A: This report is ideal for anyone in the transportation industry. It shows you the applicant's:

  • License class
  • License status
  • Infractions
  • Conviction
  • Accidents

Get a Motor Vehicle Record Search for any applicant who will drive a standard or commercial vehicle.

Should I screen my drivers annually?

A: The best practice is to screen all employees, even if they are only seasonal. This is done to protect your business and keep it compliant throughout your hiring process.

How often should I drug test the drivers?

A: We recommend screening all drivers annually. Backgrounds Online will schedule 5, 10 or 14 panel screenings via our partner, Quest Diagnostics. If you would like to start annual drug screens, contact us for assistance.

Do I need background checks for administrative personnel?

A: You are not legally required to run background checks on administrative personnel, but they will help you find the most qualified candidates and remain compliant with FCRA and state regulations.

It is important to screen applicants for every position, so you can verify their identity, see their employment history and get relevant facts about them before making a hire/no-hire decision.

Backgrounds Online provides customized screening solutions for your specific needs. Get expert assistance today.